Woodland Hills Sanitary District

May 2023 Minutes


Roll Call:  Attending the meeting were board members John Knight, Garry Colasardo, Peggy Severson, Jared Nooney and Jim Stewart.  Also present were Lois Lund and Dylan Striebel from Clearwater Consulting.  Garry called the meeting to order at 6:33pm.


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was adopted with a 5-0 vote.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from April were approved with a 5-0 vote.


Income Report

April highlights:    


Water Report: A suggestion was made at the April meeting to see if a variable frequency drive (VFD) would benefit the system  in pump-house 2.  Dylan reported that the electric service would need to be upgraded and given the smaller size of the pump there is not much of a "start shock" when the pump is activated.  When/if the pump needs to be replaced consideration for VFD will be evaluated at that time.


Dylan will send in a third sample for arsenic testing just to be certain that the positive test in April was a fluke.  A second sample did test negative and the board ordered a third sample just to be certain we're ok.   (May 17 addition:  Dylan reported the third water sample tested negative for arsenic)


Water Loss








April 2023




April 2022




April 2013




April 2008





Road Report: A tax deposit of $968.84 was received.  Plowing expense was $1,200..


Jared spoke to Michael Towey of Towey Design Group regarding a study of the roads in Woodland Hills.  Michael will meet with us on Tuesday, May 23  (3:00pm at 8800 Lark Lane) to perform a drive of the roads and then prepare a study.  The board voted 5-0 to proceed with the study.




Old Business:  none

New Business: Dylan had mentioned that the gravel on the well-house access road is a bit thin and Garry agreed to get some gravel brought in and spread at an estimated cost of $312. 


Two board member positions will be ending this year, Garry and Jim (filling out Bobby Sadler's term).  July 25 was selected as the election date with notices to be published in the Rapid City Journal.   Nominating petitions are available from Jim and the last day to turn them in is July 5.


Current terms of office;

Jared to July 2025

John and Peggy to July 2024

Garry and Jim to July 2023.


Board member comments:  none

Resident comments:  none


The minutes are prepared by Jim Stewart, Secretary WHSD.