Woodland Hills Sanitary District

April 2023 Minutes


Roll Call: Attending the meeting were board members John Knight, Garry Colasardo, Peggy Severson, Jared Nooney and Jim Stewart.  Also present were Lois Lund and Dylan Striebel from Clearwater Consulting.


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was adopted with a 5-0 vote.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from March were approved with a 5-0 vote.


Income Report

March highlights:    


Water Report:  A sample for the water test revealed a high level of arsenic.  That had never happened in Woodland Hills.  Another sample was submitted and no arsenic was detected and all is now normal.  The board asked Dylan to submit another sample later in April for testing just to be certain that we don't have a problem. 


Dylan noted that the gravel on the well-house access drive was quite thin.  Garry will handle getting some additional gravel on the drive. 


A resident on Dove had a water leak and Matt (Clearwater) handled the callout.


Another resident has been calling for water turn-off and on service and Clearwater's $45 fee will be charged to the homeowner. 


The well-house plumbing upgrades have been completed.


Water Loss








March 2023




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Road Report: A tax deposit of $602.20 was received.  Plowing expense was $825.


The condition of Woodland Drive and the Lanes was discussed and Jim made a motion to find out the price of preparing an engineering study of Woodland Drive and the cost of a study of the Lanes.  If the engineering study expense is deemed reasonable then the board would have the study prepared which would include the cost of repairs for Woodland Drive and the Lanes, again, separately priced. 


Looking ahead the board would then discuss with the residents the consideration of a road repair project which would, most likely, require a special assessment.  A project would not be undertaken without approval of the residents. 


Old Business:  none

New Business: A discussion of a variable frequency drive (VFD) for the pumps in the pump-houses was discussed.  A VFD is a type of AC motor drive that controls speed and torque by varying the frequency of the input electricity. Essentially, it starts our water pumps at a slow speed and gradually increases the speed to full power avoiding the impact or water hammering of a full speed start.  Both pumps in the well-house have VFD's.  Jim will check on the pumps in the two pump-houses  (note: update since the meeting, both pumps in pump-house2 have VFD's, pump-house1 does not).

Board member comments:  none

Resident comments:  none


The minutes are prepared by Jim Stewart, Secretary WHSD.