Woodland Hills Sanitary District

June 2021 Minutes


Please note these are draft minutes and subject to change pending review and approval at the July 2021 district meeting.  Please email any comments to webmaster@whills.org.


Roll Call: The meeting was called to order at 6:33pm, June 9, 2021.  In attendance were Lois Lund, Ed Striebel (Clearwater Consulting) and board members Jim Stewart, Peggy Severson, John Knight and Garry Colasardo


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was unanimously adopted.

Secretary’s Report:  The May minutes were unanimously approved.

Income Report

May highlights:    


Water Report: 


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Ed said the SCADA system paged him for a low water level alert on the Lark Lane tanks.  Ed traveled to the tanks and the water level on the analog indicator said the tanks were OK.  The problem turned out to be faulty transducer.  Dakota Pump fitted a temporary transducer and a replacement will be installed when it comes it. Ed also talked to Jim about having a backup transducer ordered and that was done.


Road Report: A tax deposit of $6733 was received.


Old Business:  The district will hold an election on July 13 to fill one expired term.  No one has requested a nomination petition.  John Knight said he would stay on for another three year term so an election will not be held if there are no petitions received.


Adding a fire hydrant to the tank at the number 1 pump-house near Junco Lane was discussed.  Given the expense and the lack of pumping capacity in the Woodland Hills water system Jim made a motion to not add a hydrant.  Garry seconded and the motion was carried by a 4-0 vote.


New Business: Garry brought up the topic of a road crack seal needing to be done to Woodland Drive. Jim will request a bid from B&H Asphalt.  B&H performed the last crack seal several years ago.


Jim spoke to Dakota Pump about preparedness for a ransom-ware attack on the front-end web site for the SCADA system.  Dakota Pump's IT specialist was on vacation and will call Jim back the week of June 14.


Board member comments:  None

Resident comments:  None


The meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm. 

Carefully written up to the best of his ability by Jim Stewart.