Woodland Hills Sanitary District

December 2020 Minutes


The December meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District board was called to order at 6:33pm on Wednesday, December 9, 2020. 


Roll Call: In attendance were Lois Lund, Ed Striebel (Clearwater Consulting) and board members Peggy Severson, Jim Stewart and Garry Colasardo.


Adoption of Agenda: Garry presented the agenda to the board and it was unanimously adopted.


Secretary’s Report: The November minutes were unanimously approved. 


Income Report


November highlights:


Water Report: 

Water losses were 12.0% in November (October was 11.8%)


Another quiet month for the water system.  The South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) conducted an inspection of the water system had made a couple of recommendations.  They were:



Given the low water loss rate the subsidence on the upper end of Woodland Drive is most likely from a lack of compaction of the roadbed when the asphalt was poured. Water losses on the upper end of the system are negligible.  But the board will monitor the situation.


Road Report: Meade County indicated a tax deposit of $5064 but the amount was not reflected in the latest bank statement.  Jim will speak with the bank (Update Dec 11 - the deposit was apparently in the water account and the bank moved it to the road account, however the water account statement did not show the deposit so it's a minor mystery). 


Jim will get online banking established for the water and road accounts (update Dec 12 - online access established for Jim and Lois.)


Old Business:  The well-house door repair is still pending.  Garry and John have not been able perform the repair.   Garry knows of a contractor who can do the job and the board agreed to hire the contractor to get 'er done.


The roof repair for the district buildings is still pending.  Jim spoke to All Terrain Exterior and the job should be completed by January.  All Terrain has been using the unusual spell of warm weather to work on shingle roofing.  Metal roofs don't have adhesives which need warm weather to seal.


New Business: The outdoor lighting around the Lark Lane building does not work well.  The motion detector is intermittently working.  Jim will call Morford Electric to upgrade the lights and put lights near the water tank transfer building (update Dec 10, Greg will meet with Jim on Dec 15).


Board member comments:  None.

Resident comments:  None.


The board adjourned the meeting at 7:05pm.

Carefully written up to the best of his ability by Jim Stewart.