Woodland Hills Sanitary District

May 2020 Minutes


The May meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District board was called to order at 6:35pm on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. 


Roll Call: President Bobby Sadler established that a quorum existed to conduct the meeting.  In attendance were Lois Lund, and board members Garry Colosardo, Jim Stewart, Peggy Severson and John Knight.


Adoption of Agenda: Bobby presented the agenda to the board and it was unanimously adopted.


Secretary’s Report: The March minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved.  There was no meeting in April so no minutes.


Income Report:


For April:

Net income was $5,322

Gallons pumped  were 447,905.

Gallons pumped a year ago  373,253.

Gallons pumped ten years ago: 609,100


There was one unpaid account.


Water Report:   Water losses for April were 25%.   The South Dakota Rural Water Association's leak detector equipment will be on-site on June 8 to see if we can track down the source of the water loss.  Some brief outages might take place as valves are closed and open to isolate the leak (or leaks). 


Dylan fixed the meter transmitters at 7104 Tanager and another at 7200 Flicker.


Road Report:  Tax income was $840 in April.  Snowplow expense in April was $135.

For the season, October to 2019 to present, snowplow expense came to $2,638.






Oct '19






Jan '20









Old Business:  Jim was going to be prepare a road budget but he turned out to be a big slacker and did not come through.


New Business: None


Board member comments:  None.

Resident comments:  None


The board adjourned the meeting at 7:00pm.

Carefully transcribed and written up to the best of his ability by Jim Stewart