Woodland Hills Sanitary District

October 2019 Minutes


The October meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District board was called to order at 6:33pm on Wednesday, October 9, 2019. 


Roll Call: President Bobby Sadler established that a quorum existed to conduct the meeting.  In attendance were Lois Lund, Dylan Striebel (Clearwater Consulting) and board members Peggy Severson, Garry Colosardo, and Jim Stewart.  John Knight was not able to attend.


Adoption of Agenda: Bobby presented the agenda to the board and it was unanimously adopted.


Secretary’s Report: The September minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved.


Income Report:


For September:

Net income was $5,937.  

Four accounts were unpaid.

Gallons pumped was 570,848.

Gallons pumped a year ago 659,480.  



Water Report:   Water losses for September were 17.6 percent.  A minor repair was made to the chlorine pump (normal maintenance).  Dylan turned on the heaters in the wellhouse and both pump houses in anticipation of the current cold snap (winter storm).


Road Report:  A tax deposits of $54 was received.   The board received a rate sheet from Simon (formerly Hills Materials) for snow plowing.  The "will call" rate for a tandem axle plow is $170/hour.  Travel time from Simon to Woodland Hills will be charged at that same rate.  The board can call to have just Woodland Drive plowed or Woodland plus any of Lanes that require clearing.  There was unanimous agreement to sign an agreement with Simon and Jim will handle.


Jim presented a draft newsletter describing the plowing situation for the subdivision and establishing a policy for when Woodland Drive and the Lanes will be plowed.   The board approved the draft and Jim will copy and distribute via the news box in the next few days.


Old Business:  Bobby has arranged for a repair on the well house door.


New Business: Residents have asked that limb removal be done along Woodland Drive at the curve between Flicker and Grosbeak.  The overhanging limbs can scratch vehicles if they have to maintain the right side of the road.


Residents on Lark will be encouraged to clean up their ditches as the board works to improve the drainage and prevent gravel from washing down onto Woodland Drive.


Garry will coordinate refilling of the gravel barrels and move the Chickadee barrel to Eagle Lane.


Board member comments:  None.

 Resident comments:  Sue Jones discussed the mailbox situation at the intersection of Chickadee.  The end result is that the mailboxes will be moved to the Bluebird Lane intersection.


The board adjourned the meeting at 7:26pm.

Carefully submitted,

Jim Stewart