Woodland Hills Sanitary District

August 2018 Minutes


The August meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called to order at 6:33PM on August 8.


Roll Call: President Bobby Sadler established that a quorum existed to conduct the meeting.  In attendance were Lois Lund, Ed Streibel and board members Jim Stewart and Garry Colasardo.  


Adoption of Agenda: Bobby presented the agenda to the board.  Jim added one item to the agenda and it was unanimously adopted by the board.


Secretary’s Report: The July minutes were reviewed.  Bobby made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Jim and the vote was 3-0 to approve.


Income Report: Net income for June was $5,667.   Meter deposits were received from two new residents. 


Water Report:   Water losses for July were 9.9 percent.   Ed was able to sell our old Devar controller for $600.  The chlorinator pump needed some minor repairs. 


Rich Rairdon had called Jim over the previous weekend reporting that High Meadows was out of water wondering if Woodland Hills was at risk?  The problem in High Meadows turned out to be well pump related.  With regards to that Ed looked at some history for our wells.  The system has two wells with the "old" well drilled when the subdivision was first created.  The second or "new" well was drilled in 1992 and now serves as our primary source of water.


The old well has an air check line which allows Ed to check the water level using air pressure.  The old well taps the Madison aquifer and the pump is at a depth of 648 feet with about 70 feet of water over the pump.  The water level has dropped about 14 feet since April 2016. 


The new well pump sits at 714 feet and taps the Deadwood aquifer.  The air line does not function but when the well was last worked on in 2008 the pump had about 364 feet of water above it.  The new well pump was replaced in 2008 and has an approximate lifespan of 10 years.  The board asked Ed to talk to Taylor Drilling on a price for replacing the pump, the stand pipe that pumps uses and the air check line.  The pump itself cost $3,108 in 2008. 


Ed will introduce Matt Anderson at the September meeting.  Matt will be working Ed and taking over some of his tasks. 


Road Report:  The road account has a balance of $22,500.   Bobby signed and delivered contracts to have road repairs performed by B&H Asphalt and that work should be completed by October.


Old Business:  Jim got a bid of $2,000 to paint the Lark Lane building.  Bobby made a motion to accept the bid, 2nd by Garry and the vote was 3-0 passing the motion. 


New Business:  A discussion about paying board members was re-examined.  Evan has mentioned to Jim a state law, SD codified 47-23-29, which states that any volunteer, of a governmental entity are immune from civil liability in any action  brought in any court in this state on the basis of any act or omission resulting in damage or injury if:


(1) The individual was acting in good faith and within the scope of such individual's official functions and duties for the governmental entity; and


(2) The damage or injury was not caused by gross negligence or willful and wanton misconduct by such individual.  


If board members are paid then that immunity from liability would be at risk and the board would have to purchase liability insurance for the trustees.   No further action on board member payment was held. 


Jim purchased six folding tables from Sam's Club for $240.  The tables are being stored at the Lark Lane building. 



Board member comments:  None


Resident comments:  none 


The board adjourned the meeting at 7:30pm.


Carefully submitted,

Jim Stewart

Recording Secretary