Woodland Hills Sanitary District

April 2017 Minutes


The April meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called to order at 6:36PM. In attendance were Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Beth Haivala, Bobby Sadler, Ed Striebel and Lois Lund. Randy Alexander was absent.


Secretary’s Report:  Evan asked if everyone had received and read the March minutes.  There were no changes to be made. Bobby made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Beth and approved 4-0.


Income Report:  Total income for March was $7105.42. Net income after expenses was $4850.32.

There were no unusual expenses this month.

The district received a final project expense bill from AE2S in the amount of $961.25.

Randy met with AE2S about this final bill. Their explanation was that it was for office time and he told Lois it was okay to pay this bill. Evan questioned the reason for this bill and since Randy was not present at the meeting the board decided to take a vote on whether this bill should be paid. Bobby made a motion to take a vote, seconded by Carol and the vote was tied 2-2. Lois will wait to pay this invoice until Randy can tell us about his conversation. This was for invoice #52245.

Lois has been receiving partial payments from 2 residents on their water bill. This is not acceptable. Lois suggested sending a certified letter to both requiring payment in full by May 5 or service will be terminated. Bobby made a motion to send the letters, seconded by Beth and approved 4-0.

Lois also has received a budget compliance certificate that Randy needs to sign. He will need to contact Lois when he is back in town.

Carol made a motion to approve the income report, seconded by Bobby and approved 4-0.


Water Report:  Ed reported that the water losses are at 6%. There is a small drip in the #2 pump house. Brandon Powles has looked at it and has decided not to do anything about this slight water drip. He is afraid to do anything because of the light-duty pipe that was used. He does not want to break the pipe. In order to replace this piece of pipe, he would need to break up the concrete and dig up the line. Ed and Dylan will keep a close eye on it. As of right now it is not a problem.

Ed will run pump #1 this month. He said it has been a quiet month!

Bobby made a motion to approve the water report, seconded by Beth and approved 4-0.


Road Report:  There was 0.07 cents deposited into the road account.


Old Business:  Lois asked if anyone had prepared a budget to send to the state. The board will need to talk to Randy about this. We also need to get set up for elections for the 3 positions that will be open on the Board in June.


New Business:  None

Resident Comments:  None

Board Comments:  None


The meeting was adjourned at 7:14PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Crozman,

Recording Secretary