Woodland Hills Sanitary District

August 2016 Minutes


The August meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called to order at 6:34PM. In attendance were: Randy Alexander, Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Beth Haivala, Bobby Sadler and Ed Striebel. Lois Lund was not present.


Secretary's Report:  Randy asked if everyone had received and read the July Minutes. There were no changes to be made. Randy made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Beth and approved 5-0.


Income Report:  Total water income for July was $8157.51.  We had a net income of $5591.64 and a total water loss of 1.3%.  Discussion will take place next month when Lois is present about the one homeowner who has not paid their water bill since May. Carol made a motion to approve the income report, seconded by Bobby and approved 5-0.


Water & Project Report:  Ed started Well #1 the first week in August and will run it for 2 weeks.  He will collect a radiological sample to be tested.  Randy and Ed met on August 1 for a preconstruction meeting with Mainline Construction, AE2S, DENR, Morford Electric and Clearwater (Ed).  The timeframe for construction on the mid-level tanks is August 17-19.  They will make electrical improvements and install a tank level indicator.  The high-level tank project will begin around Sept. 19.  These projects are slated to be completed by Oct. 28, 2016.  Ed reported that Pump house #2 is working great and that a new alternator has been installed.  There has not been any authorization to proceed with the SCADA* improvements.  The mid-level tanks have not been painted.  This was to be done by August 1. (Not project related).   The budget appears to be on track.


There will be a meeting on August 29 about the repositioning of the high level tanks at the top of Woodland Drive.  It will include Tim Severson (homeowner), Mainline Construction, Ted from AE2S.  They will discuss the trees that need to be removed.  Tim will be cutting down and removing the trees.  Evan made a motion to approve the Water and Project Report, seconded by Carol and approved 5-0.


Road Report:  A deposit was made into the account in the amount of $70.89.

Mainline says they will not be able to bring their equipment to Severson's to begin construction.  They want to drop the excavator and track to the top of the hill.  This is not really an option since we just made road improvements in this area.  Other options are being investigated.


Randy received an estimate in the amount of $75-80,000 to put a 2" overlay over the entire length of Woodland Drive from B&H Asphalt.  They can do a crack & seal for $10,006.09.  Evan made a motion to approve doing the crack & seal, seconded by Bobby and approved 5-0.  To be completed this fall.


Randy made a motion to approve the road report, seconded by Beth and approved 5-0.


Old Business:  Randy talked to our bank about a debit card.  They will only put his name and signature on the card.  When the board president position changes, his signature will need to be taken off and replaced by the new board president (or other signing member).

Randy will use this new card to pay for groceries for the picnic.


The board had 5 dumpsters delivered and picked up to dispose of yard waste from the storm in July.


New Business:  Evan met with the insurance adjuster concerning all of the well and pump house buildings.  He totaled out all of the roofs on all of the buildings governed by the sanitary district.  Evan will get estimates for replacement.  A huge shout out to Tony Rodriguez for the new paint job done on the Woodland Hills signs at the bottom of Peaceful Pines and at the beginning of the development.  THANK YOU!  They look great!


Resident Comments:  None


Board Comments:  None


The meeting was adjourned at 7:37PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Crozman

Recording Secretary


* Note by webmaster  SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a system for remote monitoring and control that operates with coded signals over communication channels (using typically one communication channel per remote station).