Woodland Hills Sanitary District

July 2016 Minutes


The July meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called to order at 6:38PM. In attendance were: Randy Alexander, Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Beth Haivala, Bobby Sadler, Dylan Striebel, Ed Striebel and Lois Lund.


Secretary’s Report:  Randy asked it everyone had received and read the June Minutes.  There were no changes to be made. Evan made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Bobby and approved 5-0.


Income Report:   Total water income for June was $7871.08. We had a net income of $4663.20. We had a 10% water loss for the month. Beth made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Carol and approved 5-0.


Water & Project Report:  Dylan reported that he mowed around pump house #1 on June 9 and also started the new well pump. He ran the the backup well until June 20. Since this is a backup well, it can only run for a total of 90 days per year. His plan is to run this well for 2 weeks every year.


Ed would like to collect a RAD sample for well #1 (back up well). This is not required by the state, but he would like to have it tested anyway. The test is about $300. Randy made a motion to have the sample and test performed, seconded by Bobby and approved 5-0.


On June 13 a request was made by the purchasers of 8709 Lark to check the new meter to make sure that it was functioning properly. All was okay.


On June 16, Ed, Dylan and Randy met with Ted Schultz from AE2S to discuss bid results and money shortfall. They discussed options for completing the project.  The board members (Randy & Evan) will demo the building between the green tanks on Lark and will cut down trees at the new tank site at the top of Woodland. AE2S will approach Mainline about cost saving measures to reduce the $4700 shortfall.  The building will be down by July 18. Tanks painted by August 1. Building construction by November 8. Clearwater will order a meter for Pump House #2 and will supply piping components necessary to complete installation. Ted will reconfigure the numbers and forward the paperwork to the board.


On July 16...Ed and Dylan met with Ted Schultz, Dustin Dale and Greg Morford to discuss project progress.  PH#2 is complete witht he exception of the alternator. (Wrong one received from the supplier and had to reorder.) W/O authorization of Mainline contract. (should receive next week.) Tank painting contractor authorized to proceed. Scada not authorized (Later, last in project). Building demo complete. (7/13) Tank and building construction to be initiated in September.


Randy made a motion to approve the water and project report, seconded by Beth and approved 5-0.


Road Report:  A deposit was made into our account in the amount of $3006.35. Randy is waiting for quoted from B&H Asphalt for a 2” overlay on the main road. He will bring the quote to the August meeting.

Randy made a motion to approve the road report, seconded by Evan and approved 5-0.


Old Business:  The Woodland Hills Annual Resident Picnic will be held on Sunday, August 28 at 1:00PM. It will be held at 8307 Woodland Drive. The board will put a letter in the mailbox regarding the picnic.

Evan reported that our insurance company needs the value of the new building at PH #2.


New Business:  None


Resident Comments:  Jim Stewart was in attendance. He has been billed directly by our website host every 6 months and is wondering if we could have it billed to our account going forward. Randy will check on getting a credit card from the bank for direct billing.


Board Comments:  None


The meeting was adjourned at 7:29PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Crozman

Recording Secretary