Woodland Hills Sanitary District

June 2015 Minutes


The June meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called to order at 6:35PM.  In attendance were:  Randy Alexander, Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Beth Haivala, Ed Striebel, Lois Lund and Ted Schultz from AE2S.  Tyler Trupe was absent.


Secretary's Report:  Randy asked if everyone had received and read the May minutes.  One change to the minutes was requested by Ed.  Randy made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Beth and approved 40.


Income Report:  Total water income for May was $4672.13.  We had a net income of $2684.38.  We have received 2 identical bills from Hawkins to repair the chlorine pump.  Ed requested that this bill not be paid until he can investigate.  Ed will deal directly with Lois on this bill.  Carol made a motion to approve the income report seconded by Evan and approved 40.


Water Report:  Total water losses for the month were at 42%.  Ed contacted and scheduled Brandon Powles on Monday June 8 to help find a suspected leak in the midlevel of the development.  After checking every new curb stop, the leak was found at 7108 Grosbeak.  It ended up being a faulty connection from the curb stop to the existing service line.  Ted Schultz has been notified that the charges for repairing this leak will be charged to MainLine. 


Ed has compared the Black Hawk bids between Liquid Engineering and Midco Diving and found that LE was nearly double the price, therefore he would recommend Midco Diving to clean all of our water tanks.  The bid of $2400 from Midco Diving was approved 40 by the board.  Randy made a motion to approve the water report seconded by Beth and approved 40.


Project Report:  Ed wanted us to know that he will delay meter replacement pending the awarding of the remainder of the project.  Ted Schultz with AE2S reported that he has completed inspections with MainLine and has gone through the initial list and punch list items with them.  We have received an invoice in the amount of $56,130.56.  Ed recommended that we pay this which leaves a balance of 23,216 to finish plus retainage.  Randy motioned to pay the $56,130.56 to MainLine, seconded by Carol and approved 40.  Ted reported to the board that there was only 1 bidder on Schedule 1. There were no bidders on schedules 2, 3, and 4. The Woodland Hills Sanitary District voted 40 to accept the Schedule 1 bid from Underground Construction in the amount of $185,245.


Corey Osborn from Underground Construction has expressed interest in the other 3 schedules.  Ted will evaluate these other schedules and their $ amount to see if Corey would be interested in bidding on them.  Because there were no bidders for the other 3 schedules, AE2S and Woodland Hills will be able to work with other possible contractors to do this work.


Randy made a motion to approve the project minutes seconded by Evan and approved 40.


Road Report:  There was a tax deposit made into the account in the amount of $4084.31.  The board will look at road repairs after the project is complete.


Old Business:  Elections for the 2 positions that are open on the Woodland Hills Sanitary District Board will be held on Tuesday, July 7 at 7:00PM.  Voting by proxy or voting early may be done by contacting Carol Crozman.  The regular board meeting will be held on July 8 at 6:30PM.


New Business:  The Woodland Hills Community Picnic will be scheduled for Sunday, August 23 at 1:00PM.  A letter has been constructed about meter replacement and will be sent to all residents, Ed has requested that we hold off on sending this letter out until the July meeting.


Resident Comments:  Sue Jones asked how many petitions were out, and Carol Crozman replied that there were 3 petitions for election that have been turned in.


Board Comments:  None


Evan made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Randy and the meeting was adjourned at 7:55PM.  Respectfully submitted, Carol Crozman Recording Secretary