Woodland Hills Sanitary District

March 2015 Minutes


The March meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called to order at 6:32PM. In

attendance were: Randy Alexander, Dick Helmstetter Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Ed

Striebel and Lois Lund.


Secretary’s Report: Randy asked it everyone had received and read the February minutes,

and asked if there were any changes to be made. One change was made in the Water and

Project Report. Dick made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Evan and approved



Income Report: Total water income for February was $4377.86. Total net income after

expenses was $1095.33. Randy made a motion to approve the Income report, seconded by

Carol and approved 40.


Water and Project Report: Ed reported that our losses for the month of February were at

20.23% which is the lowest since June of 2014. There was a leak found at the curbstop @

Kurtenbach’s, corner of Woodland Drive and Robin. Otherwise everything is quiet!

Upon checking all of the meter pits and their posts, Ed discovered that at the last house on

Chickadee (Mentele), the post was positioned in front of the meter pit. This post needs to be

relocated behind the meter pit. Randy will contact Justin (AE2S) about relocating.

The board received a Proposed Cost Estimate from Clearwater Consulting & Water

Management, LLC for water meter installation, meter reading and administrative services. This

will be in addition to the contract that the Sanitary District has with Clearwater at this time. The

board will review this contract and make a decision by the April 8 meeting.

Ed reported that there is $24,000 left over from Phase 1 of the project, this money will be rolled

over into Phase 2. Ed talked to the board about 2 different types of Radio Read units that could

be used to read the water meters. Each type of unit is the same price: The MXU unit requires

that the reader be directly in front of the meter to be read, where as the Smart Point Radio Read

Unit can transmit from anywhere at anytime. It will be up to the board to decide which type, no

decision needs to be made until we hear back from the State and how much money will be

forgiven on the proposed loan.

We will be receiving a new chlorine storage tank toward late April, we will be given credit for our current tank.

Dick made a motion to approve the Water and Project Report, seconded by Evan and approved



Road Report: There was a tax deposit made into the account for $262.06. The total amount in

the Road District account is $67,316.75. There was a comment made that the roads are a mess

with all of the construction going on, but that they will be repaired to their original condition after



Old Business: Carol will be in contact with Tim VanPelt about refurbishment of our Woodland

Hills signs.


New Business: Ed recommends that we have all of the water reservoirs cleaned this summer.

Dick would like someone to talk to Jim Stewart about posting openings on the board for June.

There will be 2 chairs open on the board this year.

Randy is going to check on the cost of posting a notice of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District

meeting in the Foothills Monthly and also that an agenda needs to be posted on the outside of

the building where we hold meetings up to 3 days before the actual meeting.


Resident Comments: Sue Jones asked when seeding of the project areas would begin. Ed

thought that as soon as all of the meter pits were installed that they would begin refurbishment

of all areas to include topsoil and seeding materials. Ed will follow up with Sue on this issue. Ed

is also going to talk to Ted (AE2S) about a change order for additional topsoil to be brought in

for some areas.


Board Comments: Dick Helmstetter resigned his Vice President position on the Woodland

Hills Sanitary District Board, effective immediately.

Randy motioned to adjourn the meeting with a second by Carol and the meeting adjourned at



Respectfully submitted by Carol Crozman, Recording Secretary