Woodland Hills Sanitary District


October 2014 DRAFT Minutes


The October meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called to order at 6:34pm.  In attendance were:  Randy Alexander, Dick Helmstetter, Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Beth Haivala, Ed Striebel, Lois Lund and Brooke Stromer (AE2S).


Secretary’s Report:  Carol read the minutes from the September meeting.  Randy motioned to approve the minutes seconded by Evan and they were approved 5-0.


Income Statement:  Total water income for September was $6285.82.  Total net income after expenses was $4225.30.  The expense for Midcontinent Testing was for the testing of lead, copper and disinfection byproducts.  This is required every 3 years.  Evan motioned to approve the Income Statement seconded by Carol and they were approved 5- 0.


Road Report:  There was a tax deposit made into the Roal account in the amount of $67.95.


Water Report:  Ed reported that the water loss for September was at 34%.  Ed also took some paint chips off of the water tanks to be tested for lead, but they were not large enough to get an accurate test...so he will be taking in larger samples.  Randy motioned to approve the Water Report seconded by Evan and they were approved 5-0.


Water Project Report:  Brooke Stromer from AE2S was in attendance and was seeking approval for a new change order and an application and certificate for payment was presented.  The new change order would involve the following: 

*Corner of Grosbeak and Woodland:  An abandoned valve and a tee to an abandoned line were found.  It was recommended and approved that the whole mess be cut out and replaced with a sleeve connection.  This would also take care of the leak that was found.  They will also be replacing he 2” pipe with 3”.  The valve that is not working will be replaced with a 2” gate valve.  *Eagle and Flicker:  cost proposals for replacement of those valves from 2” to 3”.  Salvage valves will be used in those spots.  Also cost proposals to replace the curb stops with 2” gate valves on Woodland and Flicker and Woodland and Eagle.  Ed recommends that these changes be made now while the holes are open. 

Randy motioned to approve this change order application and Certificate for payment to MainLine Contracting in the amount of $127,614.18.  The motion was seconded by Evan and was approved 5-0.


Old Business:  None


New Business:  None


Evan made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Randy and the meeting adjourned at 7:58pm.


Respectfully submitted by Carol Crozman, Recording Secretary