June 11, 2014

Draft Minutes



The meeting began at 6:35pm and was held at the Lark Lane building.  Attending were Randy Alexander, Dick Helmstetter, Carol Crozman, Evan Hutchings, Jim Stewart, Lois Lund, Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:  Jim read the minutes from the May 2014 meeting.  There was a minor typo.  Jim motioned to approve the corrected minutes seconded by Carol and they were approved 5-0


Income Statement:  Income was a plus $2,247.   Dick made a motion to accept the income statement.  Jim seconded and the motioned carried 5-0.


Water Report:  The water loss for May was 25 percent   A vent pipe was broken at pumphouse #1 which Ed repaired with skilled improvisation using toilet flanges.  The chlorine pumped needed a minor repair.  Jim motioned to accept the water report with a second by Randy and the motion carried 5-0.


Road Report:  The road account received a tax deposit of $2,645.  Dick met with a firm hired by Meade County which will replace all of the road signs in Woodland Hills.  A request will be made for a stop sign at Chickadee and Woodland Dr and another stop sign at Lark Lane and Woodland Dr.  Speed limit signs and the children slow sign are not part of the sign replacement.  Jim made a motion to put up a sign at the entrance to Woodland Hills that says, "Do Not Follow GPS - Locked Gate Ahead".   Evan seconded the motion and it carried 5-0. 


Water Project:  The district received two bids from Mainline Contracting and Site Work Specialists, both of Rapid  City.  Mainline's bid came in at $986,322.  SWS' bid was $1,167,815.  The budget that the board has is $624,236.  The board is considering alternatives and additional meetings were scheduled to decided on what course of action should be taken.  Dick made a motion that the board seek a second loan to cover the bid overage with a second by Randy.  The motion carried 5-0. 


Old Business: None.


New Business: Carol received a call from a resident who had spoken with the Black Hawk Fire Chief.  The chief mentioned that addresses are not readily visible to emergency crews, especially at night which could delay response times to homes in Woodland Hills.  The chief suggested that the board spread the word to have residents improve their address signage.  Make your address visible and use reflective signs for improved night awareness.


Resident Requests: None


Board Member Comments: None


Evan motioned to adjourn the meeting with a second by Evan and the meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

The next trustees meeting will be held July 9 at 6:30pm at the Lark Lane building.

 Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.