Feburary 12, 2014


The meeting began at 6:35pm and was held at the Lark Lane building.  Attending were Dick Helmstetter, Carol Crozman, Randy Alexander, Evan Hutchings, Jim Stewart, Lois Lund, Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:  Jim read the minutes from the January 2014 meeting.  Jim motioned to approve the minutes with minor corrections, seconded by Evan and they were approved 5-0


Income Statement:  Income was a plus $3,531.  The Darlings on 7305 Nuthatch did not pay the monthly minimum charge or the special assessment from October 2013 to January 2014.  The district's water policy was not clear about paying the monthly $37.50 and special assessment even when water service is shut off.    Randy made a motion to accept the income report and was seconded by Jim and it was approved 5-0.


Water Report:  The water loss for January was 13.7 percent.   Randy motioned to accept the water report with a second by Jim and it carried 5-0.


Road Report:  The board has received complaints about the winter maintenance of the gravel section of Woodland Drive and the corner near Robin Lane.  The road is quite slippery at times.  Randy spoke with firms that offer sanding services (salt).  The price is $1.75 per pound of application and to treat the corner and some of the gravel section of Woodland Dr would cost from $2,100 to $2,625.  Five treatments during the winter would use all of the District's tax receipts for roads for the year. 


Water Project:  Resident Sue Jones conducted a review of the water project's preliminary bid specification and created an eight page document with questions about various aspects of the bid specification.  Jim will email the document to Ted at CETEC and request a meeting to discuss it.   The board also noted that 40 percent of the engineering contract money has been spent and does that leave enough for the rest of the project? 


A drilling test was conducted in Woodland Hills.  Nineteen borings were performed and they noted frequent medium dense to dense conditions which means rock excavation would be likely for the mainline and meter pits.  Ed noted that no blow counts were conducted.  That is a process where a core sample is driven into the ground by a 300 pound hammer and a count is made of the number of hammer drops to drive the sampler six inches to a predetermined depth.  It would give a more accurate reading on the density of the soil. 


The bid also mentions 92 meter pits compared to 102 accounts in the water system.  That will be examined in a future meeting with CETEC.   The board will also conduct a public meeting to review meter pit placement and possible tree removals needed to place the meter pits and replace the 1,800 feet of mainline pipe. 


A plan to relocate the water tank at the top of Woodland Drive hit a roadblock when the Meade County Planning and Zoning Commission did not agree to vacate a right of way they have along the section line near 9112 Woodland Dr.  Ed, Ted (CETEC) and Randy will meet with the Planning and Zoning staff and try again for approval with the commission. 



Old Business: None.


New Business: Resident Jim Kienitz told Carol that Lutheran Social Services will be helping with storm debris removal and they will have chain saws and a truck to remove the debris.  So residents who need help can call 211.  Evan mentioned that Meade County will be bringing a chipper to clear the right of way along Woodland Drive, possibly in March. 


Dick mentioned that we should begin preparing for the election in June.  The terms of board members Carol Crozman and Jim Stewart will be up in June. 


The web site will be updated to note the elections and the 211 service for storm damage and a newsletter for the mailbox.



Dick made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Jim and the board adjourned at 8:00pm.

The next trustees meeting will be held March 12 at 6:30pm at the Lark Lane building.

 Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.