Draft Minutes

January 8, 2014


The meeting began at 6:35pm and was held at the Lark Lane building.  Attending were Dick Helmstetter, Randy Alexander, Evan Hutchings, Jim Stewart, Lois Lund, Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:  Jim read the minutes from the December 2013 meeting.  Jim motioned to approve the minutes, second by Evan and they were approved 4-0


Income Statement:  The board asked Lois to create a separate line item in the income report for the funds collected by the water project special assessment. Jim made a motion to accept the income report and was seconded by Dick and it was approved 4-0.


Water Report:  The water loss for December was 21.4 percent.  Ed gave a tour of the water system to Phil of CETEC looking at the electrical components. 

Jim motioned to accept the water report with a second by Randy and it carried 4-0.


Road Report:  All quiet in the road department


Water Project:  The board met with CETEC January 2nd and received copies of the preliminary bid specification and maps of meter pit locations.  The plan includes a proposal to route the mainline pipe on the west side of Woodland Drive, across from the well house, to avoid a maze of trees and utility lines.  Three easements will be needed for that.


Old Business: Randy confirmed with the district's lawyer, Dale Hansen, that all of the properties and equipment owned by the former Woodland Hills Community Association has been transferred to the Sanitary District.


New Business: Resident Garry Colasardo made inquires about the possibility of selling back a water right to a lot formerly owned by Al Riner.  Riner had paid a total of $1,752 for the right and special assessments while he owned the lot.  The board will ask Garry to submit his proposal in writing so it can be acted on.


Dick made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Jim and the board adjourned at 8:16pm.

The next trustees meeting will be held February 12 at 6:30pm at the Lark Lane building if the temperatures permit.

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.