October 9, 2013


The meeting began at 6:35pm and was held at the Lark Lane meeting hall.  Attending were Dick Helmstetter, Evan Hutchings, Jim Stewart, Carol Crozman, Lois Lund, Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:  Jim read the minutes from the September meeting.  Dick motioned to approve the minutes, second by Carol and they were approved 4-0.


Income Statement:  With water project expenses net income was -$6,126.30.  Three people did not pay the water project surcharge of $18.16.  The board discussed how best to pay the project expenses.  Should they be paid from the state loan or should the board make the payment and be reimbursed?  Lois was concerned about invoices being paid on time.  However, it was agreed the payments should be made from the loan.  Evan motioned to approve the income statement, second by Jim and board voted 4-0 for approval.


Water Report:  The water loss for September was 30 percent.  A leak on the main near the entrance of Woodland Hills was repaired.  Ed noted that the section of pipe that was leaking was not surrounded by proper bedding material (sand and gravel).  A repair was made to the chlorine pump.  The water system appeared to have survived the early October blizzard.  Ed noted that we should advise residents to conserve water during a power outage because the only water available is that stored in the tanks at the time of the outage.   Jim motioned to accept the water report with a second by Dick and it carried 4-0.


Road Report:  Ed got an estimate from Brandon Powles of $5,000 to $8,000 to perform repairs to Lark Lane.  This would include clearing or carving the ditches and cleaning out the culverts.  Included in the estimate was $600 for replacement of four culverts and $2,000 to $3,000 for new gravel.  Brandon's repairs would improve the drainage of the lane and hopefully prevent the continued erosion that has been observed.  Dick brought up the question of the downed trees near the roads.  Is it the responsibility of the district or the homeowner to clear the trees.  It was not clear and decision was not made.  Meantime Jim will speak to officials at Meade County about any assistance available for clearing the debris.   Could we get a chipper up here to remove the limbs?

Evan was able to hire Jerry Prestjohn to remove the snow from the district.  Jim made a motion to pay Mr. Prestjohn as soon as his invoice arrives, up to $1,000.  Evan seconded the motion and it carried 4-0.  Dick made a motion to pay Randy Alexander $500 for his work removing the snow.  It was seconded by Evan and carried 4-0. 



Old Business:  A proposed contract between the district and CETEC arrived in the mail.  Dick will make copies and the members of the board will review it.


New Business: Dick make a motion to waive late fees for September payments due to the blizzard.  Jim seconded the motion and it carried by a 4-0 vote.  An issue about tax exempt status at the county level transferring from the old Woodland Hills Homeowners Association to the Sanitary District arose and Dick will call Dale Hansen to discuss the issue.



Evan made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second by Dick and the board adjourned at 7:50pm.

The next trustees meeting will be held November 13, 2013 at 6:30pm at the Lark Lane building.

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.