April 10, 2013


The meeting began at 6:35pm and was held at the Lark Lane meeting hall.  Attending were Jim Stewart, Coral Crozman, Randy Alexander, and Lois Lund. 


Secretary's Report:  Jim read the minutes from the March meeting.  Randy motioned to accept the minutes with a 2nd by Carol.


Income Statement:  Net income was  $2187.  Six folks were late with their payment.  Dick motioned to accept the statement with a 2nd by Jim.


Water Report:  Ed was not able to attend.  The water loss for March was about 58 percent.   


Old Business: Jim asked the board if anyone had an objection to the March public hearing minutes being posted on the web site.  No one objected.


New Business: The South Dakota Department of Transportation has a sign program and asked if Woodland Hills would like to participate.  SD-DOT will drive the subdivision and check on our signage and install new ones as needed.  No extra cost to the district. 


Dick will ask Ted Schultz of CETEC about viewing previous water projects that involved road patching to see the results of that patching and how those patches have held up. 


Dick made a motion to pay Randy Alexander $500 from the road district account for his snow removal work over the winter.  The motion carried 3-0 with Randy abstaining.

Dick said the current balance in the road district account is $41,700.


The next trustees meeting will be held May 8, 2013.

 This meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.