February 13, 2013


The meeting began at 6:32pm and was held at the Lark Lane meeting hall.  Attending were Jim Stewart, Coral Crozman, Evan Hutchings, Randy Alexander, Ed Striebel and Lois Lund.  Dick Helmstetter joined by phone.


Secretary's Report:  Jim read the minutes from the January meeting.  No corrections were needed and everyone marveled.

Randy motioned to accept the minutes with a 2nd by Carol.


Income Statement:  Net income was a minus 2,723 after paying for leak repairs.  Jim motioned to accept the statement with a 2nd by Evan.


Water Report:  Water loss for January was 54 percent.  Based on the well pump and booster pump hours Ed suspects we have another leak in the lower part of the water system.  The trustees debated about the best way to seek out this leak.  The decision was to wait for warmer weather when the ground is not frozen which makes digging easier and less expensive.

Randy motioned to accept the water report with a 2nd by Jim.



Old Business: Our South Dakota state sales tax exemption arrived.  Future purchases made on behalf of the district are now exempt from sales taxes.  The trustees discussed preparations for the public hearing to be held March 20.  Letters will be mailed out at the next district board meeting. 


Jim brought copies of the revised water policy with changes suggested by the trustees who will review the latest iteration.   If all goes well the new water policy will be approved and placed on the web site at the March board meeting. 



New Business: A discussion of the water project began with how the district should enact the rate increase if the project is approved.  The consensus of the trustees is that a surcharge should be applied to each lot owner's (or renter's) water bill.  The surcharge would be paid each month even if water service is disconnected (or stopped for vacation).


The trustees will meet with Ted Schultz and Alexis Demersseman at CETEC's offices on February 26.  A discussion began over the proposed project with Dick expressing his concern that the project does not replace enough main line pipe.  The majority of the project dollars will be spent on new meter pits and service line connections at the main line.  Jim pointed to a spreadsheet that had been compiled (by Kathy Colasardo) listing the leak repairs from April 2006 to January 2012.   Of the 20 repairs that were listed, 13 were on service lines in the lower part of the water system (below the #1 pump house near Junco Lane).   Five of the 7 mainline leaks were on Woodland Dr between the entrance to Woodland Hills and Chickadee Lane.  That section of mainline, about 1,800 feet, would be replaced in the proposed water project. 



The next trustees meeting will be held March 13, 2013.

 This meeting was adjourned at 7:36 pm.

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.