September 12, 2012


The meeting began at 6:32pm and was held at the Lark Lane meeting hall.  Attending were Jim Stewart, Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Randy Alexander, Lois Lund and Ed Striebel.


Secretary's Report:  Jim read the minutes from the August meeting.  Jim made a motion to accept the July minutes with a 2nd by Randy.


Income Statement:  Income was on the plus side for the month at $3,621.  Jim motioned to accept the income report with a 2nd by Carol.


Water Report:  Water losses were 27 percent.  The annual meter reading audit was conducted and six outside remote meter displays are in need of replacement.  The board decided to wait on the reader replacement pending the outcome of the water project.  


Old Business:  The board elected officers.  Randy will remain president.  Dick as vice-president.  Jim as recording secretary.  Carol as treasurer and Evan as corresponding secretary.


New Business:  Resident Sue Jones asked the board to rescind $50 in late fees that had been assessed.  Because of anticipated travel Sue had prepaid her account .  Since she had not turned in a meter reading a late fee was assessed.  The board agreed to discuss the issue after the regular meeting.   The secretary is not quite sure what the board decided.  He is of the opinion that the board agreed to cut the late fee in half but subsequent emails after the meeting indicated the board members were not in favor of reducing the late fee.  The secretary hopes to find out in the next meeting what the board wishes to do about this.


Ted Schultz from CETEC discussed a revamped water project.  There was much discussion.  The board decided on the following project items:



The approximate cost would be $528,000.   The board voted 4-0 to proceed with this project and submit it to the state water plan.  Again, public hearings with all the details and cost breakdown will be held with the residents of Woodland Hills before the project receives a go-ahead and any dirt is turned.


Randy Alexander asked if the board would buy back one of his water rights.  Randy had originally purchased two rights for $14,000 and had another that came with the lot he bought.  The board voted 3-0, with Randy abstaining, to refund $7,000. 



The next regular board meeting will be held October 10 at 6:30pm. 

This meeting was adjourned at 8:106pm.

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.