April 13, 2011


The meeting began at 6:45pm.Attending were Randy Alexander, Jim Stewart, Dick Helmstetter, Kathy Colasardo, Carol Crozman, Lois Lund and Ed Striebel.


Secretary's Report:Jim read the minutes from the March meeting.†† They were superb.Randy motioned to accept the minutes with a 2nd by Dick.


Income Statement:Net lack of income in March was a minus $28.†† Jim motioned to accept the income statement with a 2nd by Kathy.


Water Report: Water losses for the month were 28 percent.It was a quiet month for the water system.Randy made a motion to accept the water report and Carol seconded.


Old Business:The board stuffed envelopes with a letter to the residents advising them of the change of venue for the annual meeting to the Black Hawk Fire Department.The board secured the use of the fire hall after most folks had already paid their water bill so resident might not have seen a newsletter in the mailbox.


The board has two openings as Dick and Carolís terms are ending. Both have indicated they would run again.


New Business: Blaise Emerson from the Black Hills Council of Local Government spoke to the board regarding the water project.The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) approved placement of the Woodland Hills water project into the State Water Facilities Plan.This only makes the project eligible to apply to the DENRís programs for funding considerations.The next step will be for the board and residents to agree on the project and submit it for consideration.A public hearing will be held prior to the board taking out a loan.Blaise said that our project might be eligible for grants or principal forgiveness of 10 to 25 percent of the project cost.


The next meeting will be held May 11th.†† This meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.