May 12, 2010


The meeting was started 6:40pm.Attending were Gary Hansen, Randy Alexander, Jim Stewart, Dick Helmstetter, Carol Crozman and Ed Striebel.


Secretary's Report:Jim read the minutes from the April meeting.They were great. Carol motioned to accept the minutes with a 2nd by Jim.


Income Statement:Net income in March was $241.One resident is 6 months past due.Randy will go and find out whatís going on with this customer.Jim made a motion to accept the income statement with a 2nd by Randy.


Water Report:Water losses for the month were 44 percent.The Carter residence had a service line break, their second this year and that affected the loss rate.Other than that it was a calm month for the water system.Jim made a motion to accept the water report with a 2nd by Carol.


Old Business:Randy and Jim attended a meeting with CETEC Engineering to go over the progress of the engineering study.Preliminary measurements of the water system have been made and the final study should be complete by late September or early October.At that time a special meeting of the residents will be called to review the findings of the study.


New Business:With the election results from the annual meeting, the members of the board selected Randy as president.Dick Helmstetter is now the vice-president.The recording secretary remains Jim Stewart with Carol Crozman retaining her role as treasurer.Kathy Colasardo will be corresponding secretary.


Loisí notary commission expires soon and the board approved renewal.


The next meeting will be held June 9th.†† This meeting was adjourned at 7:22pm

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.