July 20, 2009



President Gary Hansen brought the meeting to order at 6:35pm.  Attending were Gary Hansen, Carol Crozman, Terry Nelson, Jim Stewart, Lois Lund and Ed Striebel.


Secretary's Report:

Jim read the minutes from the June meeting.  A change was made to the minutes to note that the leak check in May suggests that the water system appears to have no leaks from near Junco Lane to the top of Lark Lane.  Gary made a motion to accept the minutes with that change with a 2nd by Carol


Income Statement:

Lois presented the income statement which notes that one of our water customers is three months late.  Gary will send a letter to the delinquent customer.  Net income for June was $894.  A motion was made to accept the income statement by Terry, 2nd by Jim.


Water Report:

 The residential service line leak on Eagle has been repaired.  Water losses have declined from 65% to 55%.  A bump on Woodland Drive appears to be a water leak on the north side of the road and appears to be a residential service line.   Given the nature of the leak and the damage to the road that board decided to order immediate repairs.  If the leak is in a residential line the contractor will bill the homeowner.  Ed called three contractors and one of them will be able to begin repairs on July 21.  Repairs to the road following the dig will be coordinated with the Woodland Hills road district.  It would be cheaper to include the dig with the WHRD repairs rather than having that single dig patched separately. 


CTEC was originally planning to attend the board’s July meeting but since the board rescheduled its meeting to July 20 CTEC was unable to attend.  CTEC will be asked to attend the board’s August 12th meeting. 


A motion to accept the water report was made by Jim with a 2nd by Terry.


Old Business:

Randy Alexander filled the board’s vacancy on a 4-0 vote.  Randy will fill the position of corresponding secretary.


The officers are now -

President:  Gary Hansen

Vice-president: Terry Nelson

Treasurer: Carol Crozman

Recording Secretary: Jim Stewart

Corresponding Secretary: Randy Alexander


New Business:


Terry presented investment choices to the board for the money currently in the money market account.  The new offices also filled signature cards for the WHCA accounts.


August 23rd was chose as the date of the Woodland Hills annual picnic.  Jim volunteered to write a flyer with that announcement.  Gary offered a resident’s suggestion to have the picnic on a weeknight after 5pm.  But given the work required prior to the start of the picnic the board decided to stay with the 1pm Sunday time. 


The picnic duties were assigned.

Gary – tables

Jim – order chicken and jumping castle and ask Don Smith if we could use his yard again.

Terry – butter and ice

Carol – soda and water and napkins

Randy – corn


The next board meeting will be August 12th at 6:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.