MARCH 11th 2009



President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:35hrs.  Attending were Mike Swett, Jackie Klatte, Lois Lund and Ed Streibel.



Secretary's Report:

           Loren read the minutes from the February meeting.  An amendment was made to indicate that the board agreed to authorize payment, not to exceed $500.00, to Cetec Engineering for an evaluation of the Woodland Hills water system.  A motion to accept by Mike, 2nd by Jackie.


Income Statement:

           Water losses are still high as no leaks have been found at this time.  A motion to accept the Income Statement by Loren, 2nd by Mike.


Water Report:

           Ed met with Ted and Brian, from Cetek Engineering, after the February meeting.  He gave them as much information as he had so they could evaluate the water system.

           Ted and Brian arrived at our meeting at 18:45hrs.  They presented the board with the evaluation and some options as to how to proceed with some upgrades.  Grant money for a study is available but would not cover all of the costs.  Woodland Hills does not qualify for assistance with the cost of repairs so if we decided to make some major repairs, we would have to apply for a loan.

           The Cetec evaluation shows that our storage and supply are fairly good.  The pipeline and distribution are the most problematic areas especially the East end of the system, from the entrance of Woodland Hills to Pump house #1, as this is the oldest section.

           Loren asked Ted and Brian for some rough estimates of costs and how many 'phases' the repairs could be broken into.  The board will bring this information to the Annual meeting on Tuesday 21st April.

           Preventative maintenance was also suggested and if this would be a cost effective method of dealing with the repairs.  There were a multitude of different options so we would need more information before a solid strategy could be established.  A motion to accept the Water report was made by Mike, 2nd by Jackie.


Old Business:



New Business:



Next Board Meeting:                     Wednesday 8th April 2009 at 18:30hrs

Meeting adjourned at 20.00hrs, March 11th 2009

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte, Recording Secretary.