OCTOBER 8th 2008



President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:35hrs.  Attending were Gary Hansen, Mike Swett, Jackie Klatte, Lois Lund and Ed Streibel.



Secretary's Report:

           Loren read the minutes from the September meeting.  An amendment was made to show that Ed Streibel's contract would be renewed with the annual meter reading as a separate cost.   A motion was made to accept the minutes, with the amendment, by Mike, 2nd by Jackie.


Income Report:

           The income report reflects the approximate $12,000.00 to repair the primary well and pump.  A motion was made to accept the income report by Mike, 2nd by Gary.


Water Report:

           The day after the September meeting Ed went to check on the remote transmitter at pump house #1.  He ran a test by alternating between the primary and secondary pumps.  This test showed a problem with the primary well.  Ed brought in Mike, from Cimarron drilling for a second opinion.


Mike agreed that, due to the pump starting as normal but then dropping off, there was most likely a collapse in the well.  It was decided that the pump should be pulled in order to assess the extent of the problem.  The first attempt to pull the pump it became wedged, so a larger rig was brought in.


The second attempt was successful but the pump had been damaged.  This pump was very old so a new pump was purchased.  An assessment of the well showed that it had collapsed.  This was fixed by drilling to 950 feet and reaming the well.  During the drilling a cavern was discovered at approximately 420 feet, which was most likely the location of the collapse.


The pump that was purchased is slightly smaller than the old pump but it is pumping more efficiently.  The motor saver in the pump house was not operating correctly so it was replaced.  The radio transmitter still needs attention.  Ed suggested using a pressure transducer pump starter instead of the radio system so that all the controls would be inside the pump house.  This would also reduce stress on the pump as it would have a 'soft start/soft stop' capability.  A Morford transducer would cost approximately $2,600.00.  The other option that Ed suggested was the transducer with a 'variable frequency drive' as this would condition the incoming electricity.  This would cost approximately $4,200.00.


At this point these are only suggestions and need to be researched further in order to find the optimal equipment for our system.


Loren made a motion to accept Ed's proposal, 1st by Mike, 2nd by Gary.


Discussions for a new pump as a backup will be brought up at the next meeting.  A motion to accept the water report by Mike , 2nd by Gary.


Old Business:

           The Covenants are being distributed at this time.  Signed notarized documents can be dropped in the Water payment box on Eagle Lane.



New Business:

           No new business at this time.


Next Board Meeting:                     Tuesday 11th November 2008 at 18:30hrs.



Meeting adjourned at 20:20hrs, October 8th 2008

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte

Recording Secretary