SEPTEMBER 10th 2008


President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:40hrs.  Attending were Jim Stewart, Mike Swett, Jackie Klatte, Lois Lund and Ed Streibel.



Secretary's Report:

           Jackie read the minutes from the August meeting.  A motion to accept by Jim, 2nd by Mike.


Income Report:

           Jim will arrange for some of the money-market account funds to be invested in CD's.  A motion to accept by Jim, 2nd by Jackie.


Water Report:

           Ed is currently working on the reservoir at the #1 pump house.  He was informed that the 'low level' indicator had been activated.  This is the second time this month.  Lois will give Ed the name of the company that installed the remote transmitter, which should activate the pump, to see if it needs replacing.

           The leak at the Carter's, on Junco Ln, has been fixed.

           The annual meter audit has been completed.  There are still 33 houses which have the old meters and this list has been given to Jeff so he can continue to update these properties.  A motion to accept by Jim, 2nd by Loren.


Old Business:

           A newsletter will be made available in the near future advising residents of how the board is going to distribute the Covenants and the options for returning the form with the notarized signatures.


New Business:

           There is no new business at this time


Next Board Meeting:                     Wednesday 8th October at 18:30hrs.




Meeting adjourned at 19:40hrs, September 10th 2008

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte

Recording Secretary