MAY 7th 2008




President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:50hrs.  Attending were, Gary Hansen, Jim Stewart, Mike Swett, Lois Lund, Jackie Klatte and Ed Streibel.


Annual Meeting Report:

           Gary read the minutes from the Annual meeting.  A motion to accept by Jim, 2nd by Loren.


Secretary's Report:

           Gary read the minutes from the April meeting.  A motion to accept by Jim, 2nd by Mike.


Income Report:

           A motion to accept by Loren, 2nd by Gary.


Water Report:

           Water loses are holding under 30%, this is an estimation taking into account 9 unpaid water bills from May.  The flushing hydrant repairs have been delayed approximately one week due to the weather.  The leak on Bluebird Ln has been fixed.  The repair went well.

           Ed is still discussing ways to update the Woodland Hills water system with Ted from Cetek.  They are looking for a long term plan that will be affordable to the community.

           A motion to accept the water report by Gary, 2nd by Jackie


Old Business:

           Discussions continue on the best way to distribute the Covenants.  Mike suggested giving each household an envelope so they may get the document notarized at any location and then posting it back into the water mail box.


New Business:


The new board members have been elected as follows:


Loren Stanley              President

 Gary Hansen               Vice President

 Mike Swett                 Treasurer

Jim Stewart                 Corresponding Secretary

Jackie Klatte               Recording Secretary    




Meeting adjourned at 19:50hrs, May 7th 2008

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte

Recording Secretary