FEBRUARY 13th 2008



                      President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:35hrs.  Attending were, Ev Hutchings, Mike Swett, Lois Lund, Jackie Klatte and Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:

           Loren read the minutes from the January meeting, an amendment was made to read Gary suggested the walk around to find the water leak'.  A motion to accept by Mike, 2nd by  Ev.


Income Report:

           A motion to accept by Ev, 2nd by Jackie.


Water Report:

           The walk around in January was very productive and revealed a major leak off Bluebird Dr, this house is not occupied at this time so the water has been turned off and the owner has been notified.  A leak was also discovered at the hydrant, this was tightened but it is still leaking a small amount.  Ed said he will have this fixed, by putting in a valve, as soon as the temperatures cooperate.  From the income report these findings have dramatically reduced the loss of water from the system.

           Ed discovered that the booster pump at pump house #1 had run dry. He reprimed it and checked it every day for a week, the problem has not reoccurred.  Ed also fixed a break in the chlorine pump.

           Water testing this year will be much more involved as our SOC/VOC waiver has  expired and there are no more waivers due to a study which states that all Black Hills aquifers are at risk.  These tests will cost approximately $2000.00.  A motion to accept by Jackie, 2nd by Loren.


Old Business:

           The Covenants are being proofread and adjusted for legality.


New Business:

           Ed will make an appointment wit an Engineer to assess and suggest options for updating our water system.  Hopefully the engineer will be able to attend a meeting and explain all the options.


Annual Community Meeting:

This meeting has been set for Tuesday the 29th April 2008.


Next Board Meeting:                    

Will be held on Wed 12th March at 18:30hrs.



Meeting adjourned at 19:45hrs, Feb 13th 2008

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte

Recording Secretary.