SEPTEMBER 12th 2007


                      President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:40hrs.  Attending were Ev Hutchings, Lois Lund, Mike Swett, Jackie Klatte and Ed Streibel.


Secretary's report:

           Loren Stanley read the minutes from the August meeting.  A motion to accept by Loren, 2nd by Mike.  The minutes passed.


Income Statement:

           Due to tank cleaning costs, the statement showed a loss of $58.98 for the month.  A motion to accept the Income statement by Ev, 2nd by Jackie.


Water Report:

           The individual tank cleaning reports and videos have been received.  The 4000gal tank on the hill shows some silt, tree roots and a small amount of rust form the concrete wire mesh being exposed.  The cost for these repairs has been quoted at $2899.00.  The green tanks have not been cleaned at this time as the access is too small for even a small diver with air tanks.  These tanks will have to be drained and this has been postponed until 2008 at a cost of $2349.00.


The annual meter readings have been completed with the exception of one meter.  A motion to accept the Water report by Mike, 2nd by Ev.


Old Business:

           Gary has been discussing, the water rights versus drilling, with Randy Alexander.  Mike is working with the area lists for the Covenants and will have them completed by the next meeting.  The Woodland Hills insurance will be renewed with no changes.


New Business:

           A general information and fall clean up letter will be available in the News letter box on Eagle Lane October 1st.


Next Board Meeting:   Will be held on Wed 10th October 2007  at 18:30hrs.


Meeting adjourned at 19:40hrs, Sept 12th 2007

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte

Recording Secretary.