AUGUST 14th 2007


                      President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:35hrs.  Attending were Gary Hansen, Ev Hutchins, Lois Lund, Mike Swett, Jackie Klatte and Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:

           Loren Stanley read the minutes from the July meeting.  A motion to accept by Gary, 2nd by Mike.  The minutes passed.


Income Statement:

           A motion to accept the Income statement by Loren, 2nd by Gary.


Water Report:

           Ed has been flushing the hydrants and sand traps during the last month.  This has resulted in a significant drop in the amount of sand in the water.  Ed will continue flushing the hydrants, exercise the valves and complete the annual meter readings before the Sept meeting. 

A leak was found at Kevin Pudwill's, on Woodland Dr, which has been fixed.  While Ed is on vacation, the emergency contact will be Ken at 391-5750.     A motion to accept the Water report by Mike, 2nd by Gary.


Old Business:

           Randy Alexander has been informed by the State that he may dig a well, provided that his lot is 10 acres or more and the pump has a maximum output of 18gals/min.  A suggestion was made to sell Randy one more water right onto the property.  This would increase the income to cover much needed repairs to the system and buildings.  Another suggestion was made to buy back one of the unused water rights to sell to Randy.  Ed made the point that if Randy had the one extra water right he may only divide the property into 2 lots not 3.  These points and suggestions are being considered.


New Business: 

(Revisiting the 'Covenant Plan')

           The new covenants need to be voted in from each plat.  Loren will ask Jim how the vote should proceed to be legal and return the majority of 75% to pass.  The 'Bylaws' will be looked at to see if votes are per person or per lot.  Mike will prepare a plat list for votes.


Next Board Meeting:  Will be held on Wed 12th Sept 2007 at 18:30hrs.


Meeting adjourned at 19:35hrs, Aug 14th 2007

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte, Recording Secretary.