JULY 11th 2007


                                  President Loren Stanley brought the meeting to order at 18:40hrs.  Attending were Gary Hansen, Ev Hutchings, Lois Lund, Jackie Klatte and Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:

           Loren Stanley read the minutes from the June meeting.  A motion to accept by Gary, 2nd by Jackie.  Minutes passed.


Income Statement:

           Motion to accept the income statement by Loren, 2nd by Gary.


Water Report:

           The concrete tanks have been cleaned.  The green tanks will be cleaned late August, as the access door is smaller, therefore requiring a smaller diver.  A leaking flow meter in the pump house, feeding the green tanks, was discovered after Ed was informed that the tanks had run dry.

Grimm's came out and fixed the pump but the problem continued.  Grimm's came out a 2nd time and discovered a pinhole in the valve on the suction side.  This was fixed and Ed is confident that the pump is working correctly now but he will continue to monitor it.  The sand in the water into Eagle Lane continues to be a problem.

Motion to accept the water report by Gary, 2nd by Ev.


Old Business:

           Ed is still researching water rights, regarding Randy Miller's proposal to drill a well or 2 more properties on his lot.


New Business:

           Loren will ask Don Smith if he will host the Community Picnic again this year.  Lois will organize the sodas, Mike the entertainment, Gary the tables and Ev the corn and chicken.  The picnic will start at 13:00hrs on Sun, Aug 19th.


Next Board Meeting: 

Will be held on Tues, Aug 14th 2007 at 18:30hrs.


Meeting adjourned at 19:35hrs, July 11th 2007

Respectfully submitted by Jackie Klatte

Recording Secretary.