President Jim Stewart brought the meeting to order at 6:30pm.Attending were Jim, Kathy Colasardo, Ev Hutchings, Loren Stanley, Gary Hansen, Lois Lund & Ed Streibel.


Secretaryís Report

Kathy read the minutes from Novís meeting. A motion to accept by Ev, 2nd by Jim.Minutes passed.


Income Statement

The bill for 12 new meters & quarterly lab testing fees made expenses higher this month.Karl Bleeker will receive a letter from the Board to give us a meter reading & to pay his past due balance.Jim made a motion to accept, Ev 2nd.


Water System Report

Water losses are still up.The pumps havenít been working extra hard so we are probably okay till spring & start looking more diligently then.Residents also need to beware of a drop in their water pressure.Ed consulted with someone who is familiar with water lines that were done 30-35 years ago as to why we have so many line failures.The black poly pipe used back then was very brittle & we are seeing the effects over time.Ed has a curb stop magnet instrument that he will use to possibly hear anything unusual.The SD Assoc of Rural Water Systems may have some advice or help to offer.Ed will see them in Pierre in Jan.Jim motioned to accept, 2nd by Gary.


Old Business

Ev visited with Don Mofford about replacement labor costs for the plumbing & electrical for insurance purposes.We seem to be fine with our coverage.Ev also did some research on the CDís that we have at Dain Rauscher & the admin fee we were charged. ††Ev made a motion & Jim 2nd to leave the money at Dain, but not to extend our CDís out so far. Action is still pending on the Jaycox covenant violation.


New Business

No new business.††††††


Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy A. Colasardo

Recording Secretary