President Jim Stewart brought the meeting to order at 6:30pm.Attending were Jim, Kathy Colasardo, Ev Hutchings, Loren Stanley, Lois Lund & Ed Streibel.


Secretaryís Report

Kathy read the minutes from Octís meeting. A motion to accept by Jim, 2nd by Ev.Minutes passed.


Income Statement

Normal water sales.Annual insurance bill for buildings & equipment was due.The $100 fee charged by Dain Rauscher in Sept is due to us having less then $100,000 & no new CDís were bought.Ev will check into other places that will take our money for no fee.Jim made a motion to accept, Loren 2nd.


Water System Report

The new meters came in.Ed will start on switching out meters on the older homes first.Don Mofford will be contacted by Ev to set up a time to get an estimate on replacement labor costs on electrical & plumbing for insurance purposes.Possible water leak again.Hours on pump arenít anything unusual, but water losses are about 50%. Jim motioned to accept, 2nd by Ev.


Old Business

The September deadline passed with the garage unfinished at Jaycoxís.†† Loren offered to chat with Joe about the missed deadline and see what the plans are for the future.†† Jim to call Dale Hansen and discuss what might happen if we proceed with the lawsuit.The Board wants some idea of what might happen if the case proceeds to a court date.Would a judge, in an extreme case, go as far as ordering sale of a property to pay for the work needed to complete or reverse a violation?


New Business

No new business.††††††


Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy A. Colasardo

Recording Secretary