Woodland Hills Sanitary District

Special Meeting 11-2-15



A special meeting of the Woodland Hills Sanitary District was called at 7:06PM to resolve and vote on 2 items that needed immediate action.  In attendance were:  Randy Alexander, Evan Hutchings, Carol Crozman, Beth Haivala and Tyler Trupe.


The first item on the agenda is an addition to a voted on change in the Woodland Hills Sanitary District Property & Casualty Coverage.  On Wednesday Oct. 7, the board received a quote from Jerry Krambeck with South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance.  His quote is for several hundred dollars less than what we are paying now.  He will also be sending a representative to the area to make sure that the insurance we have will cover all of our assets.  The change to the original quote is $25 extra per year to cover damage to any of our new meter readers which out in the open and exposed.  This will bring the total to $1486 per year.


Tyler made a motion to accept this change and was seconded by Beth and approved 5-0.  The second item on the agenda is to discuss the options and quotes to fix the upper Woodland Drive section of road.  Because of the steep grade of the road, there is continuous need to reshape and gravel this section after each rainstorm.  Randy received quotes from Hills Material and MainLine Construction for base course and 4" of millings and also asphalt to the top of Woodland Drive.


Hills Material quoted:

Base course and 4" millings: $36,300

Asphalt: $95,000


MainLine quoted:

Base course and 5" millings: $50,000

Asphalt: None


Hills Material also recommended that if we chose the Base course/Millings, that at least 1" of additional material be laid down each year to maintain the road.  The cost would be approximately $12,000.


The board discussed all areas and decided to use our Road District Funds (approximately $74,606 in our accounts) to fund new asphalt from Pump house #2 to just past 9105 Woodland Drive.  This will take care of the road washing out and the gravel ending up in the ditches.  The final quote from Hills Material was $64,334.50.


The breakdown is as follows:

Mobilization $1600

Grade & Shape Roadway $3770

4" Hot Mix Asphalt $58,964.50


Tyler made a motion to approve the above quote, Beth seconded and was approved 5-0.


At the writing of these minutes, a text was received from Randy that this project has been put on the Hills Material schedule and should be done in the next 10 days to 2 weeks with November


20 being the latest depending upon the weather, of course!

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Crozman

Recording Secretary