Tuesday June 25, 2013


President Randy Alexander brought the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  Attending were Jim Stewart, Dick Helmstetter.  The meeting was held at the Lark Lane building.  Approximately 15 residents were in attendance.


Secretary's Report:

Jim read the minutes from the 2012 Annual Meeting.  Dick motioned to accept the minutes with a 2nd by Randy.


Income Report:

Randy covered our finances.   The finances were much better shape than 2012 with net income of $14,445. 


Road Report:

Dick covered the road report and explained how the road district has been merged with the sanitary district.  Dick also thanks all the folks who had plowed the roads during the winter which saved the district a significant amount of money.   Crack seal repair and road patching will be performed in 2013.


Water Report:

The annual meeting is being held two days before the SD Water Management Board was to meet to discuss the Woodland Hills loan application so there was no new information about the water project.  Water losses were 57 percent in April and leak detection will be conducted. 


Old Business: 

A question was raised over ownership the curb stops and meters.  In the past the meters and curb stops have been replaced or repaired at the water system's expense but the question of ownership has never been clearly defined.  The issue was tabled with no resolution.


Sue Jones brought up the issue of covenants.  The old homeowner's association work on the covenants to consolidate and make all four sets identical has been stalled because of the work on the water project.  Sue was worried that the covenants have no meaning because of lack of enforcement.  Jim did listed enforcement actions that had been taken over the last several years and it was Jim's opinion that the deed covenants are still enforceable.  A revised set of covenants was created which removed some of the outdated provisions, such as the requirement for a wood shingle roof.  The revised covenants need approval from 75 percent of the homeowners before they can be put into effect. 


New Business:

Dogs have been running loose in Woodland Hills becoming a nuisance. Because the Meade County sheriff has already been involved it was the opinion of the board members that no action is required at this time.  Jim said he would make a mention of this issue in the next



With the departure of Don and Barb Smith the location of the Woodland Hills annual picnic is up in air and the board will seek to secure a new location.  (Update since the meeting, the new owners of Don's property, Jill and Kent Osmera, agreed to host the picnic.  Thank you!)

The picnic will be held August 25.



Dick Helmstetter was the person to submit a nominating petition and will retain his seat on the district board for three more years. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.