Thursday, April 26, 2012


President Randy Alexander brought the meeting to order at 7:00pm.Attending were Jim Stewart, Carol Crozman, Dick Helmstetter, Kathy Colasardo and Ed Streibel.The meeting was held at the Lark Lane building.Approximately 20 to 25 residents were in attendance.


Secretary's Report:

Jim read the minutes from the 2011 Annual Meeting.Dick motioned to accept the minutes with a 2nd by Randy.


Income Report:

†††††††††† Randy covered our finances.Losses for the past year totaled $18,000 and the balance in our account was $31,654.†† The major expense of the last year was the refurbishment of the pumps at pump house #1.


A motion to accept the income statement was made by Dick with a 2nd by Jim.


Water Report:


Ed updated the audience: The water system suffered an annual average loss of 36 percent in the previous 12 months with a low loss of 22% in March 2012 and a high of 66% in December 2011.†† A major leak on the water system-side of a curb stop was repaired on Lark Lane early in 2012.††


A major upgrade was performed on pump house #1.A vault was dug next to the two storage tanks and a pump installed at the bottom.This will ensure that the pump never loses prime as was the case with our previous installation.The pumps that were replaced have been saved and can be used in a future upgrade to pump house #2.The float controls were brought up to code using a 12-volt supply so that we donít electrocute someone in the case of an electrical short.


There was discussion of the small leak discovered on Nuthatch Lane.Two curb stops are not working and we discussed who owns the curb stop, the resident or the water system?The issue was tabled without resolving the question of ownership.A question was asked if the leak detection device that was used previously could be brought in again?It could be brought in but now the service costs $500 plus $300 per day of use.Ed was asked if the leak could be located with leak detection equipment.Answer, no.†† The equipment will detect the presence of a leak but it cannot isolate the location.A listening device could be used but it probably wouldnít be able to detect the Nuthatch leak since it was unsuccessful in locating the major leak on Lark Lane.Ed also added the leak on Nuthatch is not substantial at this time.


Ed suggested that the gate valve on Lark and Woodland be replaced as a project for 2012.Currently the valve is inoperable.


A resident asked if itís possible to locate the service line on a property.Itís not since our system does not have tracer wire buried with the line.


Randy motion to accept the water report and Jim seconded the motion.


Old Business:None


New Business:


Potholes have developed on Lark Lane where test holes were dug along with the hole dug to fix the line.Randy explained that the work was done while the ground was frozen and that the contractor expected this settling.Extra gravel was left near the dig sites to fill the holes.


Discussion of the pine beetle was raised.A resident asked the board if it had the authority to force residents to treat their beetle-infested trees.†† It does not.†† In this case it would be best to call on the fire-wire program offered by Meade County.


Randy updated everyone on the current state of the sanitary district formation process.

There were 52 signatures obtained on the petition for the election and copies were publicly posted for 20 days.The petitions have been submitted to the Meade County auditor and approval is expected.†† Next the Meade County commission will set an election date at its next meeting in May 2012.That date is expected to be June 26, 2012.A notice will be published in the Meade County newspaper and a letter will be mailed to all residents.††† Randy explained that only voters who have registered with a Woodland Hills address will be able to vote on the formation of the sanitary district.


The election will be held in the Lark Lane building and if the district is approved a second election will be held immediately after to select five trustees for the district board.


Road District:


Dick Helmstetter discussed the state of the Woodland Hills Road District.The district has an account balance of just over $32,000.†† Dick thanked everyone who plowed the roads over the winter saving the district a nice sum of money.A couple of resident asked about the patch on Woodland Drive near the well house.Part of the road has settled and is making for a noticeable bump.Dick said the district will look into a possible repair.



Jim was the chair of the nominating committee but no one expressed an interest in joining it.†† Kathy, Jim and Randyís terms had expired and all three were elected again, unopposed.


The meeting adjourned at 8:08pm - Respectfully submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.