APRIL 27, 2010



President Gary Hansen brought the meeting to order at 7:05pm.  Attending were Jim Stewart, Carol Crozman, Randy Alexander, Dick Helmstetter, Lois Lund and Ed Streibel.


Secretary's Report:

           Jim read the minutes from the 2009 Annual Meeting.  With a few minor corrections a motion to accept the minutes was made by Sharon Wilson with a 2nd by Larry Taylor.


Income Report:

           Copies of the 2009 and 2010 (to date) income reports were distributed to all attending.  Total income was up roughly $4,500 for the year.  A motion to accept the income statement was made by Larry Taylor with a 2nd by Jim Stewart.


Water Report:

           Ed reported on the water system activities that have taken place since April 2009.   The water is still drinkable and details on that can be found in the Annual Drinking Water Report for Woodland Hills (EPA ID 0042).  The report is available on the web site (www.whills.org).  The South Dakota Rural Water Association leak detection trailer came to Woodland Hills in late May 2009.  Testing was conducted on the lower part of the system from the entrance of Woodland Hills to Junco Lane.  Because of the elevation, lack of operating valves and the pumping capacity of the trailer the upper part of the system was not tested.  Three leaks on the mainline were detected:

1)       Along Woodland Drive between Bluebird Lane and Chickadee.

2)      Somewhere along Chickadee Lane.

3)      Somewhere along Grosbeak and Junco Lane.  With the curb stop valves being difficult to shut off it was not possible to further isolate this leak.

The approximate water loss from these leaks is about 3 gallons per minute.    With those leaks water losses on the system have been averaging about 30 percent per month.  The worst month was February ’09 at 66 percent and the best month was August ’09 at 22 percent.   Testing with the trailer uncovered a residential service line leak and was repaired within a few weeks.


CETEC Engineering Services of Rapid City has been selected to perform an engineering study of the entire system with the report expected later in 2010.  The board will call a special meeting of the homeowners to review that study and decide on a course of action.   The WHCA board decided not to spend the money to excavate and repair the three mainline leaks until the results of the study and a course of action were decided.


Old Business:

           The deed covenant approval process is on hold while the water system study is in the works.




New Business:

        Members asked if anyone knew if brush cleanup activity would take place again this year.  Nobody in attendance knew for certain and the board will seek more information and make it available.  The board thanked Larry Taylor for the fine job repairing the payment and newsletter mailboxes.  A few days after the repair the barrel holding the mailboxes withstood another vehicle collision.


Other Business:

           Dick Helmstetter, board member of the Woodland Hills road district, reported on the activities of the road district.  The WHRD board will effect improvements on the Woodland Drive and Chickadee Lane intersection.



Jim was the chair of the nominating committee but was unable to enlist anyone to join the committee.  He did find a candidate to fill an open position.   Gary. Jim and Randy’s terms have expired.  Randy and Jim were re-elected.  Gary chose not to run and nominee Kathy Colasardo was elected.   Dick Helmstetter was confirmed to finish out the term he had been filling.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm

Respectfully submitted by Jim Stewart, Recording Secretary.