The meeting was brought to order by President Jim Stewart at 7:00PM.  Jim introduced himself & members of the Board.  He asked that all the attendees introduce themselves.


We had some visitors from the Forest Service at the meeting.  Meade County has a ‘Firewise’ program they wanted to discuss.   A firebreak or a buffer zone is being planned around the Woodland Hills sub-division & 3 other sub-divisions in the area.    50 feet of thinning would be done on the forest service side & 50 feet on the residents property that border the forest service.  This is completely free to the residents that border forest service land & optional to them whether they want to participate.  Anyone else in the sub-division can partake in this program also, with only 20% being paid by the residents for thinning of trees on their property.  It is a responsible & effective program to participate in.   For more information, contact www.meadecounty.org or www.firewise.org. 


Secretary’s Report

Jim read the minutes from the 2006 Annual Meeting


Treasurer’s Report

Ev Hutchings read through the items on the annual income statement.  Ev discussed a couple issues that took place in the last year.  Ev worked with our insurance agent to get better descriptions & locations of our equipment & pumphouses & also parts & labor charges if necessary & then updated our coverage.  Ev also worked with Dain Rauscher & obtained a list of our CD’s.  A few of the CD’s extend out up to 8 years & that it would be wiser to go out only a few years instead for our future CD’s.


Water System Report

Ed Streibel discussed some of the leaks we had in the past year.  He mentioned again the old black poly pipe that was used 30 years ago becomes very brittle.  Ed is working with someone from the SD Rural Water System that offers the service of looking at our water system & offer suggestions or help in finding leaks. 


Old Business

Jim mentioned the website that was setup to post the monthly income statement & minutes & any other notices that may come up.  It seems that it is getting utilized.  A few thank-you’s were given.  The website is www.whills.org.    Loren Stanley went over the old business of the covenant violation involving Jaycoxes & the development in the last year & the expectation for the next year.  Loren & Gary Hansen intend on meeting with Joe by May 1st, 2007 to get a timetable for completion.  This will be brought back to the Board for approval & this timeline then must be adhered to.   No further discussion took place on this matter. 


New Business

The only new business was the election of 2 new officers as Kathy Colasardo & Jim retired.  A motion was made & 2nd to re-elect Jim.  This seemed to bring about a hostile moment by one member stating that a nominating committee wasn’t formed prior to this.  By others it seems a nominating committee hasn’t been consistently practiced over the years as no one seems to want to run for the Board.  Mike Swett said he would run for a term, so he was nominated & 2nd & also Jackie Klatte.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm




Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Colasardo