The meeting was brought to order by President Larry Taylor at 7:00PM.Larry introduced himself & members of the board.He asked that all the attendees introduce themselves.


Larry mentioned Richard Langer bringing maps of the proposed new Exit 52 for residents to view.


Secretaryís Report

Kathy Colasardo read the minutes from the 2005 Annual Meeting


Treasurerís Report & Water System

Consumer Confidence Report is available for anyone who wants a copy.Again, everything passed & looks good.Copies of the Annual Financial Report were passed out.Discussed some of the higher expenses due to repairs & upgrades such as the sand separator & replacing some valves from basically curb stop valves versus water valves. In trying to pinpoint a leak in the Eagle area in 2005, these valves were found not to turn, so thought it a good idea to get those fixed for the future.The sand separator was installed to help some residents in the Eagle area & has significantly helped those, but Jim Burns did mention he has noticed sand now which he hasnít had before. ††Also increased water testing is required now then in past years.We have had waivers in the past, but they have all expired & cannot be renewed.Water rates were increased Apr 1, 2006.This was met with some opposition.It was explained that pro-active repairs & upgrades should be done to the system such as more valve replacements in order to isolate leaks or meter upgrades on the older meters & also a good reserve should be on hand in case of any major repairs.†† A few residents familiar with other rates in other sub-divisions supported how low our rates still are.Some felt we had plenty in the bank & are concerned with why we need so much thinking that if a major repair came up we could assess residents if necessary & also concerns of our non-profit status.A member suggested a 5-10 year plan on paper for this money.A member asked to test the new meters that were replaced on homes before going forward on other homes.Lois knew off-hand of at least one home that increased with the new meter.A letter was read from Mike Cordray who was unable to attend the meeting, stating his concerns of the higher water rates & his intention of wanting to run for the Board. The increased late fee charge also caused discussion.The Board is hoping this will motivate residents to read their meters on time so we can get better water readings.There is no reason to be consistently late in reading your meters.Again, many members supported this increase & many did not.†† The 5K marked for covenant enforcement was questioned.At the 2004 meeting a vote of confidence was given to the board to enforce covenants & according to the Articles of Incorporation, money generated by water sales can be used to enforce covenants if necessary.Many residents had their opinions pro & con to the water rate increase & bank balance.






Old Business & New Business

Covenants.†† Once again much discussion.We have a resident in violation of a covenant that eventually turned into a lawsuit against him.†† This was met with much opposition by some.We explained it is the duty of the Board to enforce covenants.It was explained by the Board that covenants can become null & void if not enforced.This resident is not being made the example, but it is something the Board found out in the process. Many residents do want covenants & donít want to be a sub-division without them.It was a very heated & hostile discussion that went on for quite some time.A motion was made & 2nd for residents to see the monthly minutes.This will begin in May 2006 & put in the common mailbox.It was asked if a WH garage sale would be done Ė itís been decided that residents are on their own.†† 3 Board positions are open.Gary Hansen, Loren Stanley, Mike Cordray, Larry Taylor, Jim Kienitz & Keith Maki were all nominated.Gary, Loren & Jim were voted in for a 2-year term.



Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM.



Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Colasardo