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Woodland Hills Sanitary District

The next board meeting will be held December 11, 2019.

The meetings are held at 8800 Lark Lane.

The minutes from the November 13 board meeting have been posted along with the October income statement.

Updated Nov 18 - please note that the due date on the Nov 15 water bills should read Dec 1 (not Nov 1).

Also, Dawn Haskell on Robin Lane has a young kitten at her door. It's mostly white with some grey tabby stripes and it is a young kitty, perhaps 3 to 6 months old. Give Dawn a call to claim this kitty or email the webmaster.

Woodland Hills current conditions

  • At 8:00am Wednesday November 20, 2019
  • The temperature is 39 or 4c (falling)
  • Since midnight: high is 44 (2:00am) and the low is 39 (8:00am)
  • Yesterday's high was 47 and the low was 39
  • Today's normal high: 42 normal low: 19
  • Rapid City's record high/low for today: 72 (1989) / -9 (1985)
  • November's high and low has been 59 & 3
  • Humidity 66% --- Dewpoint 29
  • The barometric pressure is 29.72 rising.


High : date

Low : date




50 : 27th 

  1 : 1st



53 : 2nd

 -9 : 7th



56 : 27th

-11 : 4th



73 : 20th

 16 : 11th



78 : 15th

 29 : 1st



86 : 29th

 41 : 9th



88 : 24th

 54 : 5th



85 : 6th

 50 : 28th



87 : 4th

 38 : 30th



68 : 17th

  9 : 30th




Total rain


The board meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Lark Lane building. Residents are welcome to attend.

The 2019 WHSD budget can be found here.

Meade County ordinance enforcement form is here.

Woodland Hills Sanitary District Board of Trustees

  • John Knight
  • Peggy Severson
  • Bobby Sadler
  • Garry Colasardo
  • Jim Stewart

For emergency water system issues, such as a shut off needed, call the water system operator: (605) 786-4366.

If you are a new resident to Woodland Hills and need information on establishing water service send an email to the bookkeeper (using the link over on the left).

If you want to get an email when the site is updated please send a note to the webmaster with name and address. Use the link over on the left, the one that says "E-Mail Webmaster". Please, only residents of Woodland Hills will be added to the notification list.

If you have questions on the operation of a sanitary district follow this link to the state laws on the subject.

The sanitary district water policy is available here or in a Word document here.

The following links will take you to the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources' web site.

  • The annual drinking water report is available by clicking here.
  • The water hardness, PH report and other information is here.
  • System information is here.

For the most current resident address and phone listing send an email to the webmaster.

This web site features information for the residents of Woodland Hills in beautiful Black Hawk SD.

(This site is maintained and wrecked by Jim Stewart.)